Bleak North - Photos, Stories and Reflections from the Highlands

This site is home to a combination of photographs and texts. Most of the photographs  are of the Highlands of Scotland. The novels and stories share only the fact that they were written by an author living in Caithness.



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                       NOVELS  by BARRY LITHERLAND


                                     THE CAVE


A crime thriller published June 2014. Available from Amazon, Waterstones or any good bookseller. £8.99. Kindle version £3.99   To find out more, follow this link.








                                    THE WALLED GARDEN


Published in e-format in August 2016 and in paperback in September 2016. Available via Amazon or any good bookshop. £3.05 e-book. £8.99 paperback.









                                     A TALE OF SHADOWS


Published as a revised and improved second edition in December 2017 this novel is available as a paperback and ebook. It has a five star rating from "Readers' Favorites.'









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The Walled Garden A Tale of Shadows