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'Did you see that?'

'Did I see what?'

'How the sky split like it was sliced by a silver blade; how all the stars tumbled out like children on a playground.'

'I couldn't.'

'Why not?'

'I'm trapped. I can't escape. Maybe, one day, when I'm free...'






And then a moment’s madness reigns

As light and darkness start their fight,

And blood-soaked clouds the sky-fields stain

And swords of silver rip the night.






They strut about,

Wings flapping in erratic waves

Mouths gaping, vomiting words.

Complaints! Complaints

About neighbours, friends, politics.

They have opinions,

To share vociferously

Over garden walls.

They have the answers,

Know the solutions

To the world’s intractable ills.

Caw! Caw!

Flap! Flap!

They strut and shout and shake their wings,

Perched on unsteady branches

Beside clumsy, tree top nests,

A community who know what’s best,

A moral majority, the righteously indignant,

Looking down

Through assured and empty eyes,

Fearless in their stupidity.