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Reviews of The Hand of Ronan Hawke


Jul 22, 2019 Dominic on Goodreads


Flew through this gem in a matter of days. The consummate page turner. Seek out everything by this author and devour it. I've had the pleasure of reading three other works by Litherland, all home runs. Ronan Hawke is a perfectly pitched, atmospheric crime thriller with a motley cast of endearing (and sinister) characters. All their woes become your woes. All their triumphs your triumphs. Litherland's hand is as deft as ever.





July 27 2019 Laura Hargreaves on Goodrerads


Just finished reading this book it’s a real page turner. It was a gripping story , you feel for the characters . I’m glad Jack’s back. I recommend you read this book and all his other books.




Amazon Customer Aug 3 2019


Builds on a mounting sense of dread


Spent the whole day with The Hand of Ronan Hawke - it feels a bit like a mystery that was dipped in Sherlock Holmes and washed through with some HP Lovecraft. There's a mounting sense of dread as the characters manoeuvre, or are manoeuvred, into position. An enjoyable mystery that takes place outside the usual big city settings but is no less atmospheric for it. Read it and enjoy.




August 3 2019  Tasha on Amazon


I could not put this book down. I read a lot of murder mystery books and I get fed up of opening up a new book and finding the same structure, plot and writing. This book was totally different. I was surprised and hooked on every chapter. The way it’s written just leaves you ready to cancel all plans and spend your night nose in book. Thank you. I can’t wait for the next one.




July 28 2019   Granny Kat on Amazon


Nailed it again. This author just keeps on giving. Managed to make the setting and characters come alive. Can't wait for next read which will hopefully be soon.




26 July 2019   Amazon Customer


Just finished reading this book ,it's a real page turner.

It's such a gripping story and I'm so glad Jack is back.

I recommend reading all his other books.





07 August 2019  HR Kemp


Barry Litherland has done it again. I just finished reading this and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a well-written thriller with a gripping plot that keeps the suspense ramped up to the last page. The main characters are likeable and the antagonists detestable, and all are very real and three-dimensional. I found this novel hard to put down. It's a must-read and will keep you intrigued to the very end.