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A thriller with a touch of humor and an intricate mystery storyline

"The hints of humor in the narration make this already mysterious thriller even more enjoyable.

It sets itself apart from the oftentimes straightforward tone of other detective

thrillers. Phil is a refreshing protagonist and an interesting guy to follow around. I’m used

to seeing a fearless and at-times reckless main character in these stories, but Phil isn’t

quite like that. He’s afraid and apprehensive about getting deeper into the case and very

realistically so, as he genuinely does not want to put his family at risk. It’s nice to read a

lead character who feels so human and not too much like a hero with superhuman bravado.

This book is more than just a mystery. We see Phil dealing with his anxieties and past

traumas while working on the case. Such vulnerability from a character who is putting on

a brave face—all while investigating a complicated case—is bound to make readers root

for this realistic hero to come out on top. The characters and mystery hold this novel

above other thrillers.

As good as Phil is as a protagonist, the book’s various side characters such as Wendy,

Slattery, and Matty make the story even more engaging. While these characters and the

mystery help it stand above other thrillers,

The complete unpredictability of the plot makes this book well worth a read. A classic

thriller mystery with unconventional characters, Rising Tides takes readers on a thrilling

ride with a great investigation."

A review of 'Rising Tides' - Independent Book Review

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