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                               TURBULENCE                                                                                       WAVES BREAK

















































































Phil Tyler is a journalist on the Sefton-on-Sea Evening Post. He likes his job. He likes the people he meets, the good news stories he writes, the local stuff. Everything is going well - except maybe for Liz, his editor. And Winston. He's known Winston for years and he knows how far he can be trusted - about as far as he could lob a camel. So when Winston tells him this story about a guy wandering the lanes in the early morning, he's tempted not to believe him. But this story is weird, even for Winston, so he decides to take a look. That was a mistake - especially since it leads right into a dangerous conspiracy. It looks like things are going to spiral out of control. But what would you expect, with Winston involved?

No-one who is aware of the events of September and October 20__ will ever forget them. For those people who were directly involved, the memory will haunt them to the grave. Recollecting the storms alone is enough to cause nightmares; but recalling the events which took place under the cover of that violence, well... that is another matter altogether.

Phil has been friends with Wayne since they were kids. Wayne was trouble then and trouble still seems to follow him. He can't forget, you see - all those things that happened way back - the burns, the bruises...the death. And now, Tyrone, his psycho brother, is back too and it's clear he's got scores to settle. Shame they have to involve so many innocent people, They should've thrown away the key.

                                  SHIFTING SANDS



                                    (Published May 2020)

Joe never imagined how serious the consequences would be. Maybe if he had, things would have been different; maybe he would have made a different choice. But maybe not; sometimes you just have to do what’s right, don’t you? That’s what Joe believed. But now he’s being hunted. Forced to flee his home, to leave behind his wife and children, Joe has to face a new reality. He must run until he’s caught and killed or he must turn and fight. Set in England, in a not too distant time, Joe Savage is a story of hope in a timeless battle for decency in a damaged world.



                                      (Published June 2020)

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Flew through this gem in a matter of days. The consummate page turner. Seek out everything by this author and devour it. I've had the pleasure of reading three other works by Litherland, all home runs. Ronan Hawke is a perfectly pitched, atmospheric crime thriller with a motley cast of endearing (and sinister) characters. All their woes become your woes. All their triumphs your triumphs. Litherland's hand is as deft as ever.

Goodreads Review 2019

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